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Discover our comprehensive and powerful Codshopy solution to build a simple and sophisticated online store specialised in Cash on Delivery business for your global or local E-commerce.

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Easy and intuitive store setup, you save yourself hours of hassle with our well-optimized, highly convertible, simple, and easy to setup store themes. With Codshopy you comfortably manage your Cash on Delivery orders in one place, from leads management to order confirmation and shipping. Moreover, you can receive payments via Stripe and PayPal as well.

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Built-in Tools to Maximize Profit

The first Cash On Delivery stores specialised platform on the globe, we provide you with the latest features to enhance your online C.O.D business.

Organic Sales Is Our Mission

Once your online store with us start receiving products lists and collections and few amount traffic you will immediately notice the ranking.

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Sophisticated Stock Management

The most developed tools and option to manage your stock and rise your sales to the ultimate level.

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Why is Codshopy Totally Free?

As far as Codshopy belongs to an organization that runs multiple online solutions, we decided to free the platform ultimately. Moreover, the platform has few symbolic paid applications you may notice while navigating the platform. Codshopy was and still is the leader of Cash On Delivery platforms.

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Do you dream of launching your brand on the Internet and achieving highest profits along conversion rate? With Codshopy the dream has come true

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We simplified the design to the ultimate level along sophisticated layout which relies on the lead capture pages rather than add to card.

Bring Potential Customers

Once your online store with us start receiving products lists and collections and few amount traffic you will immediately notice the ranking.

Collect Profits

You will be able to analyze all the data possible concerning your clients, sales and orders to scrutinize and leverage them to the highest level.

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Frequently asked questions

To change your store name, you can do it manually from your store settings, for your store slug and your store/seller email, please send an email to

To avoid fake accounts and robots. The amount bought will be a deposit in your balance that you can always use later.

You can add an unlimited number of products and receive an unlimited number of qualified visitors excluding fake visitors. CodShopy enables you to create, develop and manage your store without limitations.

We do not currently support storage and shipping, but we have an aggregator service (CodShopy Ship) that provides you with a list of local shipping companies and you can choose from it.

Yes, CodShopy can be used for dropshipping. All the tools you need to do so are available to you. Please read our terms and conditions for cases where you are not allowed to use dropshipping.