Terms Of Use


We are delighted to have you here with us in the first Cash On Delivery E-commerce platform. Thank you for choosing to use our services. We have listed below the important legal terms that apply to each visitor and client to our website and to each user of our services. These conditions are necessary for our reciprocal protection, to be able to provide our services in a satisfactory way for everyone. Codshopy offers you a wide range of services and features and some of these conditions may not apply to the particular services you use.

Our Vision

Our services offer users the ability to create an attractive and truly functional online store that is based on Cash On Delivery, manage and promote their business online, as detailed below, we offer our users many tools and features to create, publish and operate great sites. , online trading platforms, newsletters, galleries.

Legal Agreement

Codshopy Terms of Use constitute a binding legal agreement Codshopy and its users (you with respect to the use of any other Service) so we invite you to read them carefully. You may visit/use the Codshopy Services only if you unreservedly accept the terms, and by using/signing up for any of our services, you express your informed consent to these Terms of Use and any other condition that applies to your use of any Codshopy Service. If you do not read, understand/agree to our Terms, you must immediately leave Codshopy and stop using our services. By using our services, you acknowledge having read our Privacy Policy and accept them.


User Account

If a third party accesses your user account/parameters of your user platform, that person will be able to perform all that you can perform, to make declarations and to provide guarantees, among others and all such actions will be deemed to have been made on your behalf and on your behalf. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you maintain the confidentiality of your User Account credentials, and allow access only to trusted persons, as you will be fully responsible for the actions performed through your User Account and / or your User Platforms (including all representations, warranties and agreements), whether or not you have expressly authorized them, and any damages, costs or losses that may result from such actions. You must provide accurate and complete information that you have exclusive rights to when you open your User Account and when you use the Codshopy Services. We strongly recommend that you provide your own (or your company's) contact information and billing information, including a valid email address, as we may use them to identify you and verify that you are the real owner of the User Account and / or User Content you submit to us. In a dispute over the ownership of a User Account, we reserve the right to determine the ownership of the User Account based on our informed judgment whether or not we have conducted an independent investigation. However, if we can not make this determination (as estimated in our sole discretion), we reserve the right to avoid doing so and / or suspending a User Account until the parties have reached the resolution of the dispute relating to this property, without our being liable to you or any other party. We may ask you for documents (eg a national identity card or professional attestation) that could allow us to determine the property.


List Of Obligations

  • You must comply with all applicable laws.
  • You will be responsible for your actions and those of anyone who has access to your user account or user platform settings.
  • You will need to make regular backups of your content.
  • You agree that we or our partners send you messages and promotional content.
  • You can easily choose to stop receiving promotional messages by contacting us.
  • You will authorize us to use your online store as part of our promotional activities, and to determine how the services will be provided.
  • You agree that Codshopy has the right to impose or change the rate offers for its Services. In addition, Codshopy may impose restrictions depending on your specific use of the Service.
  • In general, we expect you to behave pleasantly and to avoid doing anything that may be harmful to us or any third party.


Among other things, you may not copy our documents, use content in an illegal or prejudicial manner, use our services or content on a platform or site that we do not provide, make false statements or use our services improperly. , or violate the rights of any person or any applicable law. Failure to comply with these rules allows us to cancel your account and stop providing you with our services.

Intellectual Property

In accordance with the rules and provisions relating to intellectual property, Codshopy is the sole owner of the Codshopy platform, the service offered by the site and its content, designed and / or developed using software that also belongs to it. Codshopy owns the rights to the Codshopy trademark and related logos. Codshopy retains full ownership of the Codshopy platform. This is made available to the user for the publication and use of his own website. The user only has permission to use this platform for his own personal use. This authorization is in no way assignable or transferable to a third party. Codshopy does not own the information and content offered by users. The user guarantees to hold all the rights of ownership or authorizations necessary for the use of his website. It guarantees Codshopy against any third party recourse relating to the ownership of the information, brands or products of its site, as well as any direct or indirect damage suffered by Codshopy as a result. In the case of non-compliance with these guarantees, Codshopy reserves the right to suspend or close the user's site.`

Subscription Renewals

To compensate for any interruption or loss of services, you must pay at the beginning of each month, semester, year, depending on the duration of your subscription, the payment will be made by the means you choose mainly PayPal.